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Standard charts (GFS/ICON): Tool 2

Please change the options if necessary and click on "Go".


Select the form of presentation here (see explanations above):
Drop down menu with 3 columns
Drop down menu with 6 columns
All charts in one panel (GFS ICON)


Please note when selecting the options for tool 2:
You can see the maps in the three different forms of presentation.

  • "Drop down menu with 3 columns"::
    This is the default option. Here, the maps appear in a practical and clear form in a selection menu with 3 columns - the selected model parameters in columns and the prediction times in rows consecutively among each other.
  • "Drop down menu wih 6 columns":
    If this box is selected, the cards for the individual dates are displayed in a more extensive drop down menu with 6 columns.
  • "All charts in one panel":
    In the panel version that you can select by activating this box, all GFS and ICON cards are displayed simultaneously. This results in a panel with 340 images, which can lead to delays with a total size of about 40 MB for slow Internet connections.
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